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Current version: 2.3.2
A platform-independent, multi-threading and synchronization library for C++
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NonCopyable Class Reference

#include <NonCopyable.h>

Inheritance diagram for NonCopyable:

AtomicCount Barrier Condition CountingSemaphore Executor FastMutex FastRecursiveMutex Guard Guard< LockType, TransferedScope > Mutex PriorityCondition PriorityInheritanceMutex PriorityMutex PrioritySemaphore Queue ReadWriteLock RecursiveMutex Semaphore Singleton Thread ThreadLocalImpl List of all members.

Protected Member Functions

 NonCopyable ()
 Create a NonCopyable object.
 ~NonCopyable ()
 Destroy a NonCopyable object.

Detailed Description

Eric Crahen <http://www.code-foo.com>
Some objects kind of objects should not be copied. This is particularly true of objects involved in providing mutually exclusive access to something (e.g. Mutexes, Queues, Semaphores, etc.)

Based on Dave Abrahams contribution to the Boost library.

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