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A platform-independent, multi-threading and synchronization library for C++
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PriorityInheritanceMutex Class Reference

#include <PriorityInheritanceMutex.h>

Inheritance diagram for PriorityInheritanceMutex:

Lockable NonCopyable List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 PriorityInheritanceMutex ()
virtual ~PriorityInheritanceMutex ()
virtual void acquire ()
virtual bool tryAcquire (unsigned long timeout)
virtual void release ()

Detailed Description

Eric Crahen <http://www.code-foo.com>
A PriorityInheritanceMutex is similar to a PriorityMutex, it is a non-reentrant, priority sensitive MUTual EXclusion Lockable object. It differs only in its scheduling policy.

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Threads competing to acquire() a PriorityInheritanceMutex are granted access in order of priority. Threads with a higher priority will be given access first.

When a higher priority thread tries to acquire() a PriorityInheritanceMutex and is about to be blocked by a lower priority thread that has already acquire()d it, the lower priority thread will temporarily have its effective priority raised to that of the higher priority thread until it release()s the mutex; at which point its previous priority will be restored.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PriorityInheritanceMutex  ) 

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virtual ~PriorityInheritanceMutex  )  [virtual]

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Member Function Documentation

virtual void acquire  )  [virtual]

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Implements Lockable.

virtual void release  )  [virtual]

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Implements Lockable.

virtual bool tryAcquire unsigned long  timeout  )  [virtual]

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Mutex::tryAcquire(unsigned long timeout)

Implements Lockable.

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